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Event Planning has been a dream come true for Event Planner, Erica Kenner. After marrying her prince charming on July 27th or 727 (wink), she left her career as an on-air television personality to pursue her first passion: event planning!

Erica enjoys traveling to new places to plan events and helping her clients come up with creative ways to express themselves through memorable events. When it comes to weddings, Erica’s favorite part is seeing the couple exchange their vows, it is at this moment in the ceremony where you can feel the warmth and love the couple has for one another. Erica also enjoys the first dance and the father daughter dance.

Weddings can often be filled with many emotions, but the one that will always shine through a wedding ceremony and reception is… LOVE! Erica looks forward to making the journey of planning your event enjoyable and one that you will LOVE and cherish for a life time. Erica is a proud graduate of the University of Georgia (GO DAWGS!) earning two degrees: Broadcast Journalism and French.


Industry Certifications/ Membership

  • UC Riverside Certificate in Event Planning
  • Member, Association of Bridal Consultants

An Open Letter to Brides

wedding rosesAs a bride, I can remember how excited I was to start planning my wedding; in fact, I might have even started before I even met my husband! I loved the opportunity to go through detail after detail deciding what I wanted and how I could make it better. I loved planning my timeline and thinking about the logistics of the entire day. I have been a planner at heart all of my life. I remember in college my best friend saying, “Erica, really, a color coded itinerary for our spring break trip?  You need to be an event planner."

I loved planning, I had a passion for planning, but I wanted the television career that I was going to school for. Fast forward five years later; I was working as a television reporter in Nashville, Tennessee when my husband proposed. While my career in television was fun and exciting, planning events was my passion.   After getting engaged, I was fortunate enough to be able to leave my job as a television reporter and finally pursue my first love, full time....event planning! My first gig, of course was planning my OWN wedding. I figured if I was going to do a trial and error run with someone’s big day, it was going to be my own! I had a day-of wedding coordinator who put all of my planning into action (as the bride, I could not direct the groomsmen and family members down the aisle myself!) My coordinator validated my passion for event planning when she said she had never seen the level of planning that I had done, even from professional planners over the years. I was honored and ready to go full steam ahead with my event planning business!

While I knew how to make my dream come true, I knew that it took more than just planning my own wedding to help someone organize their day and make their dream come true. Just like my wedding, I was not ready to “experiment” with the most important day of someone’s life.  So in my quest to learn more about planning weddings, I interned with a wedding planner. When that internship was over, I knew I had the skills to plan a great event, but like news; you get ONE SHOT to get it right. So to get a more formal education from the best in the business, I went to the University of California, Riverside where I earned my event planning certificate. I was taught by wedding planners who had years of experience under their belt. Their businesses had done so well that they didn’t hold back information... they were literally SO GOOD at what they did, they could afford to teach their competition! After my certificate, I began planning weddings on my own as well as helped other planners with large events they organized.  My quest to always hone my skills continues, I am in the process of becoming certified by a nationally recognized bridal consultant organization.

I share all of this because I want you to know how much I love what I do and how much went into my preparation before I would even offer my services for YOUR big day. There are so many careers where one can say “this is business, this isn't personal” but wedding planning is NOT one of them.  Weddings are very personal, they are very important (for you and for me); this is a day that you will look back and remember for the rest of your life. Simply put, I want in! I would be honored to be the conductor of your big day, I want to make your wedding memorable for all of the right reasons and I want the planning process to be fun and relaxing for you.



My advice

I understand there are so many reasons why you are looking into hiring a wedding planner. Some brides are overwhelmed by the thought of wedding planning, you are a genius when it comes to what you do, but have no clue when and where to begin, nor do you have time to plan an entire wedding. For those brides I would recommend our full service, Versailles Package.

For the brides who have a million family members helping, they know what they want, they just need help starting off and staying on track, I recommend our partial service package. If you are here because at one point you had it all together, but now you find yourself one month before the wedding and nowhere near where you need to be, or if you just want to be a blushing bride the last month of your wedding, I recommend our Chaumont Package.

*Our packages can be tailored to fit your needs and range in price from $1,200 to $5,999. We also offer hourly prices!